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When Song Ji Hyo win over Haha : Awesome skills!


Running Man Members : Song Ji Hyo and Haha

Haha’s Pseudonym (Nickname) : Haroro, Harad Pitt

Ji Hyo’s Pseudonym (Nickname) : Ace, Mong Ji, Blanked Jihyo, Song Sibling, Monday Couple (Kang Gary’s Girlfriend)

Brief details about Haha and Ji Hyo;

Haharo (after Poporo). Real name: Ha Dong Hoon. Has a reputation for duplicitous conniving and betraying. He is fairly capable mentally and physically, but also has failings and inadequacies (he’s weaker than Jae Suk, but in a sprint he might be among the fastest). He goofs off a lot and portrays a character that has a few loose screws and insatiable desire for female guests. He’s still likeable for his childlike playfulness.

Ace Ji Hyo, Bad Ji Hyo (for when she lashes out in anger). Also considered one of the most capable of the Running Men for being quick, clever and observant. As the only woman, she is only at a physical disadvantage for speed and strength. She’s been most often allied with Gary as part of the “Monday Couple”.

Details about the video cut when Ji Hyo wins over Haha – Funny Moment;

Still remember the serium competition between Haha and Song Ji Hyo in Running Man Episode 113? Well, to my surprise; Ji Hyo won the competition.


>>Watch Running Man ENG SUB EP 113 Here<<


 Watch the video below on how Ji Hyo tricked Haha

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