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The first moment when Monday Couple is Born


Running Man Member : Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary

Gary’s Pseudonym (Nickname) : Flat Gary, Peaceful Gary, Gaecholas Cage, Monday Couple (Song Ji Hyo’s Boyfriend)

Ji Hyo’s Pseudonym (Nickname) : Ace, Mong Ji, Blanked Jihyo, Song Sibling, Monday Couple (Kang Gary’s Girlfriend)

Brief details about Gary and Ji Hyo:

Kang Gary: Garie (Korean: 개리, often spelled as Gary; born 24 February 1978) is a South Korean Talented rapper and musician of hip-hop duo, Leessang. He is also currently a cast member of the variety show Running Man. Rapper of the highly popular hip-hop duo Leessang (with singer Gil). With Song Ji Hyo had been considered the “Monday Couple” for their suggestive romance on the usually Monday shoots for Running Man (until it was revealed in early 2012 that Ji Hyo was in a real-life relationship). He’s likeable for his down-to-earth, unpretentious persona, but he’s not the sharpest, ambitious nor most observant.

Mong (blank) Ji Hyo or Miss Mong (for her blank expressions as she’s figuring out or assessing situations), Ace Ji Hyo, Bad Ji Hyo (for when she lashes out in anger). Also considered one of the most capable of the Running Men for being quick, clever and observant. As the only woman, she is only at a physical disadvantage for speed and strength.

Details about the video about the first moment Monday Couple is born:

This video cut was part of Running Man Episode 8 where Gary decided to go after Ji Hyo. This is when the Monday Couple is being created. Great “pick-up line” from Kang Gary there! Awesome!!


Please watch Running Man Episode 8 to know in details

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