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Song Ji Hyo Once Slept 48 Hours



Running Man Member : Song Ji Hyo

Pseudonym (Nickname) : Ace, Mong Ji, Blanked Jihyo, Song Sibling, Monday Couple (Kang Gary’sGirlfriend)

Brief details about Ji Hyo:

Song Ji Hyo: (born Cheon Seong-im, August 15, 1981) is a South Korean TV and film actress. She is well known for her portrayal of ballerina Min Hyo Rin in Princess Hours, Lady Ye So-ya in MBC Jumong and as the Queen in A Frozen Flower. Currently, she appears on TV frequently as a member of Running Man, a popular Korean variety show.

Details about the title and picture:

What was the longest you have ever slept? For the actress Song Ji Hyo, it was two whole days, or a whopping 48 hours.

When the actress was asked during the filming of KBS’ “Happy Together” if she was popular when she was a student, Song Ji Hyo replied that she doesn’t know because she doesn’t pay a lot of attention to other people. Yoo Jae Suk, the host of the show and fellow “Running Man” teammate, confirmed, saying, “Yes, it’s true. She cares more about sleeping.”

Song Ji Hyo revealed that the longest she has ever slept is 48 hours, shocking everyone on the set of the show. She explained that her young brother kept track until at least 23 hours. The only thing Song Ji Hyo really knows is that when she woke up, she felt like she had only slept for just a moment. She added that the only time she feels like she got enough sleep is when a whole day of slumber has passed.

Goodness, she’s a real-life sleeping beauty!


Source – soompi


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