19 May 13

Running Man Episode 146 Live Stream



On Air : 19th May 2013

THEME : Betrayer Club: Arrest Operations

Guests : Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Sang Kyung

Running Man Episode 146 Live Stream (Korean) - Multiple Links

On Air : 19th May 2013

Location : Kimpo airport and other places in South Korea

Guest:Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Sang Kyung

Main : Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Kang Gary, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo

Brief details about the guests;

Uhm Jung-hwa (born August 17, 1969) is a South Korean Korean pop singer and actress. Uhm began her career as a chorus member of MBC, one of the three major South Korean broadcasting companies, in 1987 To 1990. She made her film debut in the 1991 To 1994 film Marriage Story and released her first album Sorrowful Secret, in 1993 on Samsung Music. Considered to be one of the most influential women and the evergreen in the Korean entertainment industry, many Korean female artists recognise her as a role model. In acting career, Uhm Jung-hwa has established herself as one of Korea’s top actresses. She is known for her roles in the films Marriage Is a Crazy Thing, Singles, Princess Aurora, Dancing Queen andHaeundae, which became one of the highest grossing movies in Korea. She has won 2 Baeksang Arts Awards for Best Actress, in 2002 for Marriage Is a Crazy Thing and again in 2012 forDancing Queen.

Kim Sang-kyung (Hangul: 김상경; born June 1, 1972) is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his films Memories of Murder (2003) and May 18 (2007).Two of his films directed by Hong Sang-soo, Tale of Cinema (2005) and Ha Ha Ha (2010), have been shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Kim has also starred in numerous television dramas, notably the historical epic King Sejong the Great (2008).

Guest’s Experience on Running Man :

Uhm Jung Hwa : 1st time – New Guest
Kim Sang Kyung : 1st time – New Guest

TEAM : 9 persons are splited into 3 teams

Blue Team : Kim Sang Kyung, Yoo Jae Suk, Song Ji Hyo
Orange Team : Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Jong Kook, Kang Gary
Red Team : HaHa, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin

 NEXT EPISODE : Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Hyun Woo will be the special guests in Running Man Episode 147 


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