7 Feb 13

Running Man Eng Sub Episode 63

(Tae Yeon[SNSD] / Yuri[SNSD] / Jessica[SNSD] / Seo Hyun[SNSD] / Hyo Yeon[SNSD] / Yoona[SNSD])
ON AIR : 2 October 2011
runnning man eng sub
Guests : Tae Yeon[SNSD], Yuri[SNSD], Jessica[SNSD], Seo Hyun[SNSD], Hyo Yeon[SNSD], Yoona[SNSD]
Location : Goyang
Main : Yoo Jae SukKim Jong KookHaHaKang GaryJi Suk JinLee Kwang SooSong Ji Hyo
Mission : To win all missions

Detail : Running Man members were divide 3 teams (6 couple)

Blue Team
- Tae Yeon Couple
(Tae Yeon, HaHa)
- Seo Hyun Couple
(Seo Hyun, Kim Jong Kook)

Green Team
- Yuri Couple
(Yuri, Lee Kwang Soo)
- Yoona Couple
(Yoona, Yoo Jae Suk)

Pink Team
- Jessica Couple
(Jessica, Kang Gary)
- Hyo Yeon Couple
(Hyo Hyun, Ji Suk Jin)

Please watch Running Man Episode 63 English Subtitle Below.

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Download Running Man Eng Sub Episode 63

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

 >>Running Man Eng Sub Episode 63 Guide Available here<<

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Watch Running Man English Subbed Episode 63 below

[Eng Sub] Running Man Ep 63 Part 1

[Eng Sub] Running Man Ep 63 Part 2

[Eng Sub] Running Man Ep 63 Part 3

[Eng Sub] Running Man Ep 63 Part 4

[Eng Sub] Running Man Ep 63 Part 5

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