8 Feb 13

Running Man English Sub Episode 75 Guide



runnning man eng sub



Location: Greater Seoul area.
Guests: Choi Si Won (Super Junior), Hyorin (Sistar), Minho (Shinee), Sohee (Wonder Girls), Sulli (f(x)).
Teams: Yellow Gary-Haha-Sulli; dark grey Suk Jin-Gwang Soo-Hyolin; light greyJae Suk-Jong Kook-Sohee; blue Ji Hyo-Si Won-Minho.
Episode mission: During the course of the day, collect numbers and math symbols. At the end, teams will have to use the numbers and symbols to create an equation whose answer is 1. First set of numbers chosen at starting point (Gimpo Airport).
Aiins World* theme park (Bucheon) mission: Carry one member through a tour of world landmark models and answer the quiz at the end. Choose 2 more numbers in order of completion.
Restaurants mission: Sohee, Sulli teams at Vietnamese; Ji Hyo, Hyorin at Italian. While eating, each team says what they want the other team to abandon. After eating, those wishes are put on post-its which are attached to the members’ bodies. They must shake off all the post-its by the end of music playing. Choose 2 more numbers in order of completion.
SBS Deungchon* mission: Find at least 8 math function symbols (out of 40) located throughout the SBS filming studios. Any symbols found must be attached to members’ arms and can be stolen by other teams.
Mok Dong Paris Park* final mission: Create an equation whose solution is 1.
Comments: Second appearances for Si Won and Sulli.
- Very cool look inside SBS studios while shows are being filmed. The Running Man cut that was broadcast on the “1000 Song Challenge” might be found here (no subs). The song Jae Suk sings is Hong Kyung Min’s Shaky Friendship. The two shows share footage with each other, but of course there’s no reason why they shouldn’t.
- I think Jae Suk is on good behavior and supports Jong Kook when it’s his turn, singing Sarang Surowo (Loveable), and doesn’t try to be funny or upstage him because he recognizes that it’s not his show (a conscientiousness that is one of the things that makes him one of South Korea’s most beloved TV hosts).
- SBS Deungchon was also used in ep. 42 (Best Running Man).
- I’m guessing the “wanting someone else to abandon” game is a Korean New Year’s thing, along with “giving someone something they don’t like about themselves” game. Someone with more knowledge about Korean culture can clarify. I gather it’s a teasing game pointing out things they admire or are annoyed by in other people (and want them to get rid of), or acknowledging one’s own shortcomings (and wanting to give them to someone else).
- Funny: Jong Kook feeding frenzy. And Ji Hyo to Siwon and Minho: “They don’t see me as a woman. Now I even get excited when a female guest appears”.

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