8 Feb 13

Running Man English Sub Episode 30 Guide



runnning man eng sub



Location: National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts*.
Guests: Seung Ri (Big Bang).
Find the Guest: Guest finds running balls with members names to eliminate them. Running Men rip the guest bracelet off.
(Unscripted funny face photo activity).
Voice contest: Shout the national cry “Dae Han Min Guk” in the best traditional voice. Winner gets punishment immunity.
Ten-Chance jump rope challenge: Running Men have 20 seconds to enter the jump rope, pass a gong along all the members for the person on the other end to hit it.
Comments: Funny and watch-worthy, but there’s a lot of just goofing off. The voice contest was changed from something else halfway through, indicating it was not well-planned. The photo activity was probably included because the Ten-Chance challenge was poorly planned and they didn’t have enough material filmed.

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