8 Feb 13

Running Man English Sub Episode 27 Guide



runnning man eng sub



Location: Seoul Arts Center*.
Guests: U-Know Yun Ho, Max Chang Min (DBSK aka TVXQ aka Tohoshinki aka 東方神起).
Find the Guests: Eliminate the guests by ripping off their nametags. Guests eliminate Running Men by finding running balls with their names on it.
Drawing speed relay: Red team (Jae Suk-Suk-Jin-Soong Ki-Gwang Soo-Max Chang Min) vs. blue (Jong Kook-Haha-Ji Hyo-Gary-Yun Ho).
One-Chance challenge: Everyone must learn 3 elements of choreography from SNSD’s “Gee” and incorporate them into a dance with ABBA’s “Dancing Queen”, then execute a final move given to them by a demonstration team within 20 seconds and perform it all in one shot. They can practice however many times they want, but once they challenge, they only have one chance. If they pass, no punishment for anyone. If they fail, people without running balls can randomly choose one person with a running ball to suffer the punishment.
Comments: Format for Find the Guest established. This first One-Chance Challenge is a lot of fun. The rule of losers choosing one winner to participate in the punishment is probably to prevent betrayal or sabotage like in ep. 19.

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