9 Feb 13

Running Man English Sub Episode 127 Guide


Catch the Snake


running man episode 127

Guests: Choi Ji Woo (actress from previous week), Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun (CN Blue), Simon D (Supreme Team), Lee Gi Kwang (BEAST).
Location: Busan; Geoje-do.
Team formation: As members wake up, they choose to be on one of the two women’s teams and go to her lodging. Red Choi Ji Woo-Jae Suk-Jong Kook-Haha-Suk Jin-Gwang Soo vs. yellow Ji Hyo-Gary-Jung Yong Hwa-Lee Jong Hyun-Simon D-Lee Gi Kwang.
Catch the Snake episode mission: The 12 participants are each given one of the 12 Chinese zodiac symbols. One of them is the snake. Compete in games to earn hints to who got the snake symbol.
Enemy Queen relay race (Wahyun beach*): Teams compete in a relay race carrying the female member of the other team to get a hint (Kim Yuna).
Capture the Yogurt Lady (Gujora Village*): In a village filled with people dressed as yogurt ladies, each team chooses one member to dress up as a yogurt lady. After sending their yogurt ladies into the village to hide, the rest of the team members must first finish yogurt drinks and complete a trash-bin toss before setting off to find the other team’s yogurt lady. Find and remove his/her hat to get a hint (Yoo Jin).
Dodgeball (Yulpo-ri 13 student elementary school*): Eliminate the other team’s female member for the win. If four male members of either team is eliminated, the fifth is immune from elimination and the female member must directly be eliminated. Best 2 out of 3 rounds gets a hint (Min Hyo Rin).
Catch the Snake final elimination (Jangsha-do*): Using the clues, within one hour, figure out who is the snake and target members on the enemy team or protect members on their team who they think it is. The team of the member who finds the snake wins, or if the snake is protected and not eliminated in one hour, the snake’s team wins.
Comments: Unless the production team came up with clues for a mystery for every member participating in the episode (unlikely considering the cleverness of the clues), then the participants could not have chosen their zodiac signs randomly. They more likely had them pretend to choose their signs randomly for . . . I don’t know, dramatic effect, suspense? . . . but actually directed each person to choose a particular card so they could get the snake card to the person who was the answer to the clues. Otherwise they could’ve just distributed the zodiac signs, but maybe they figured that would be boring television, fair ’nuff.
- The team formation may be suspected of being rigged, but it is also completely, entirely, utterly, totally plausible that the production team predicted it would turn out that way, and is hilarious seen that way.
- Even though there’s absolutely no on-screen evidence of “tampering” with results, the production crew might have been nervous about the snake getting all the clues and figuring it out.
- Referring to the time I was called on being wrong about what a “pension” is, I can read enough Korean now (mostly due to RM) to notice the huge words above their lodging in the intro is . . . pension.
- Jung Yong Hwa’s 7th Running Man appearance. Simon D’s second appearance.
- epdrama’s subtitles are far superior and clearer, especially when they’re trying to figure out the clues. Perhaps an early hint of the quality of kshownow’s English being “2013 Copulation Year”. Which may just mean epdrama’s subs are better English, but kshownow’s are more entertaining. It’s 2013, go copulate.

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