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Running Man English Sub Episode 103 Guide



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Location: Seoul (various locations).
Guests: Yoo Jun Sang, Shin Se Kyung (actors), Noh Sa Yeon (older singer)
Seogang Bridge* team formation race: In pairs, the six male Running Men search through the picnic umbrellas for Ji Hyo and the two female guests to form teams. Teams: Jae Suk-Gwang Soo-Noh Sayeon; Jong Kook-Suk Jin-Ji Hyo; Haha-Gary-Shin Se Kyung. The last team to form chooses one of three cases, each containing one of their nametags, and gives it to the PD.
Hongdae restaurant board game race: Five restaurants* are flagged with Running Man banners. While not letting the female member’s feet touch the ground, each team starts with the first restaurant where they eat a dish to find out whether they can advance one restaurant forward, two restaurants forward or one restaurant back, and repeat the process at each restaurant where they’re sent (1. miso soup, 2.spaghetti carbonara, 3. spicy octopus, 4. red bean shaved ice, 5. omurice lunchbox). The last place team gives the PD a case that contains one of that team’s nametags.
Mangwon Hangang swimming pool* race: Both male members of each team must carry the female member across the pool over a floating balance beam within 30 seconds. Last place team gives the PD a case with one of their nametags.
Corporate office building race: The three cases with nametags chosen in the previous races are hidden in the building. Yoo Jun Sang must first find the cases, and upon tearing the nametags from the cases, those members are remotely eliminated. He must otherwise eliminate all the Running Man teams to win. The Running Man teams must eliminate the “beast” (Yoo Jun Sang, whose participation isn’t known to them), with hints about who the beast is placed under each female members’ nametags.
Comments: Second appearances by Shin Se Kyung (Jeju) and Noh Sa Yeon (Bodyguards).
- The idea of using Hongdae district restaurants was also used in ep. 34 (guests Uee, Park Joon Kyu).
- The Hongdae race is a variation of a race from Bodyguards (ep. 49) where Noh Sa Yeon was a guest along with Goo Hara.
- I wonder whether the fifth restaurant in Hongdae with the Jamaican flag and rasta colors has anything to do with Haha.
- There is supposedly a “Beauty and the Beast” theme, but the idea goes no further than nomenclature.
- It is unclear at the final destination where the Running Man teams get the idea to look for the nametag cases. It’s plausible they figured it out themselves, otherwise the production team may have mentioned it to them as part of the design to distract them from directly going after the female members’ nametags, thus giving Yoo Jun Sang some time.
- No doubt Yoo Jun Sang’s plan was the production team’s mission design, and not his own idea.
- The mission design of this episode is a return to a classic earlier design with straightforward races and chases. There is staging in this episode, as there probably always has been, but the production team practically demonstrates it when they ask something to be re-done so they can get the shot. That kind of staging, I think, is not only allowable, but necessary from a production filming perspective. They don’t even use the shot they ask to be re-done. And actually, in the Charlie’s Angels episode, I criticized the last elimination as likely being staged, but it may have been a re-shoot of what actually happened so they could get the right shots.
- Episode 100 was a noted landmark for the show, but the two year anniversary of the show (July 11) is apparently not worth any mention in this or the previous episode.

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