7 Apr 13

Running Man Episode 141 – Preview



On Air : 14th April 2013

THEME : Running Man Zoo – The King of The Animals

Guests : Jessica [SNSD] and Eun Ji Won

running man preview episode 141

Running Man Episode 141

On Air : 14th April 2013

THEME : Running Man Zoo – The King of The Animals

Guests : Jessica [SNSD] and Eun Ji Won

Main : Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Kang Gary, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo

Details about the guests:

Jessica Jung (Korean name: Jung Soo-yeon; born April 18, 1989) is an American-born Korean singer, dancer, actress and promotional model. Born in San Francisco, California, she is fluent in both her native English and Korean after moving to South Korea at age 11. She is a member of the South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation. Jessica was the first member to be signed with SM Entertainment in 2000. In 2007, she was chosen as a member of the group Girls’ Generation. The 9-member girl group debuted on August 5, 2007.

Eun Ji Won (born June 8, 1978) is a Korean rapper, Host, dancer, composer and former leader of the Korean Hip hop group Sechs Kies (젝스키스). Divided into The Black Kies, the three rappers and The White Kies, the vocalists. Eun Ji Won was the leader for The Black Kies and rapper and leader of the group Sechs Kies. He was the oldest member in the group, having pursued a solo career since 2001 with his first single track “A-Ha”. He recently returned to the K-pop scene in 2007 with the Latin-hip-hop single track titled “Adios”. A year later in 2008, he returned with a new single album G Code with the title track “Dangerous”. Besides working as a singer, he currently appears as a member on KBS’ Happy Sunday: 1 Night 2 Days as well as a bell line member in the KBS variety show Star Golden Bell.

Details about the episode;

This episode of Running Man is about running man zoo where the king of the animals is chosen through a few simple missions. Funny and laughter is along the way of this episode. Remember to catch up Running Man Episode 141.

Running Man Zoo :
- Jessica (SNSD) is the rabbit.
- Eun Ji Won is the panda.
- Yoo Jae Suk is the grasshopper.
- Lee Kwang Soo is the giraffe.
- Kim Jong Kook is the tiger.
- HaHa is the penguin.
- Kang Gary is the monkey.
- Song Ji Hyo is the squirrel.
- Ji Suk Jin is the Impala.

Guest’s Experience on Running Man :
Jessica (SNSD) : 3rd time – She used to join in Running Man EP.4&563&64
Eun Ji Won : 1st time – New Guest


You can watch the preview of Running Man episode 141 as shown below.


Watch Running Man Episode 141 Preview Here

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