30 Mar 13



Yoo Jae Suk Chibi Cute Fan Art



Running Man Member: Yoo Jae Suk

Pseudonym (Nickname) :

  • Grasshopper (메뚜기)
  • Nation’s Master of Ceremony (국민 MC)
  • Class-President Yoo (유반장)
  • Jive Yoo
  • Samba Yoo
  • Deliquent Yoo (날유)
  • Dumb (and Dumber) (Family Outing)
  • C-Dragon (Family Outing)
  • Hubby Yoo (유 서방)
  • Yooruce Willis (Running Man)
  • Yoo Hyuk (Running Man)
  • Yoomes Bond (Running Man)
  • Seuk T.O.P (Family Outing)
  • Yoobocop
  • Detective Yoo
  • Rapper Yoo (Family Outing)
  • National Grasshopper
  • Handsome Boy (Family Outing)


Yoo Jae Suk: (Hangul: 유재석; or spelled Yu Jae-suk; born on August 14, 1972), is a South Korean comedian and television comedy show host. Nicknamed the “MC of the nation” (국민 MC), a vote by South Korean “netizens” proclaimed him the most popular Korean comedian for fiveconsecutive years beginning (2004-2008). He has hosted several variety television shows in South Korea, including the hugely popular program Infinite Challenge. Nicknamed “The Grasshopper”, due to early appearances dressed as a grasshopper, he is now known for his quick wit and appeal across a wide range of demographics. He has established himself as one of Korea’s top comedians and TV personalities. A professional TV personality and host and is the main host/MC for the show. I think he also has some recorded music works to his name.

Fan Art : showing the cute little Jae Suk giving a noble salute to the audiences. Again, Jae Suk wore green attire again. No doubt he was called metugi (grasshopper) by many of his colleagues and Running Man members. He is indeed Mr.Green. Anyway, this fan art was done perfectly to show the ‘greeny’ characteristics of Jae Suk.


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