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Lee Kwang Soo Profile

Lee Kwang Soo Profile


Lee Kwang Soo(Hangul: 이광수; Hanja: 李光洙; born 14 July 1985) is a South Korean model, actor and entertainer, well known as a cast member of SBS’s variety show Running Man.

Details: Framer Kwang Soo (for making stuff up about other members); Gwangvatar (due to resemblance to Avatar). He also gains a reputation for betrayal and being a traitor. The cast’s maknae (youngest member), he’s also one of the weakest members who wilts in the face of adversity, whether it be Jong Kook or Ji Hyo. However, I do think it’s an act on the show (including the traitor character) and he’s not like he is on the show at all, which is why I think he’s a good actor. He’s playing a role. He gets bullied and disregarded by other members and occasionally lashes out, with comic effect, as a result.


Korean Name : 이광수
English NameLee Kwang Soo, Lee Kwang Su
Pseudonym (Nickname)Framer Kwang Soo, Kwangvatar, Easy Brother, Betrayer, Giraffe, Asia Prince *New*
Date of Birth14 July 1985
Blood TypeO
Height193 cm
Weight : 78 kg
Status : Single
Occupation : Actor, Model, Entertainer
Agent : King Kong Entertainment
Start active : 2008 (MBC – That person is coming)
Twitter : @Masijacoke85
TV Program Related :

  • 2012: The Innocent Man (Nice Guy)
  • 2011: Bachelor’s Vegetable Store
  • 2010: Running Man
  • 2010: City Hunter
  • 2010: High kick through the roof
  • 2010: Dong Yi
  • 2008: That person is coming (Here He Comes)
  • 2008: The Scale of Providence

Movie :

  • 2012: Superstar
  • 2012: All About My Wife
  • 2012: The Scent
  • 2011: Battlefield Heroes
  • 2011: Wonderful Radio
Awards :
  • 2011 SBS Entertainment Awards: Newbie Star Award: Variety Category
  • 2010 SBS Entertainment Awards: Variety New Star Award
  • 2009 4th Asia Model Awards: CF Model Award
  • 2008 Mnet 20s Choice: CF Star Award
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