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Kim Jong Kook's Background, The True Strong Man



Running Man Member : Kim Jong Kook

Pseudonym (Nickname) : The Commander, Sparta Kook, Trainer Kook, Kim Kook Jong, Mosquito Sound, Bear, Jong Kookie, Tiger, Kookminator (episode 137)


Commander, Sparta(kook). Undeniably the physically strongest  member and most driven towin. He’s also probably the smartest, most clever and observant with uncanny powers of deduction. But if he can’t win by strength, he’s willing to resort to cowardly or weaselly tactics to re-gain an advantage (questionable character, but being of an older generation, he’s more observant of and sensitive to Korean cultural etiquette, and has shown himself to be very magnanimous as well). Other nicknames I would suggest are Detective Kook, Bully Jong Kook and Anger Management Jong Kook. Early on he was often allied with Haha and Gary who he called his “dongsaengs” (little brothers), but the dongsaeng relationship only lasted with Haha.

Background Story:

We doesn’t know what’s the pain and hardships Korean singers and actors went through. It’s always not easy in getting fame.

For Kim Jong Kook’s story..

Kim Jong Kook also known as Turbo with his partner, actually had a really hard time back then. Kim Jong Kook and his partner were frequently abused by their company. They had approximately 17 schedules in one day and often got intravenous drips due to exhaustion. On average, they went to the hospital 3 times per day. Besides that, Kim Jong Kook had undergone surgery from a disk hernia. Doctors constantly advice him that he need to rest. But, soon after he had his first surgery, he has gone back to hospital 4 times for another surgery.

They often fainted in between schedules and in the end their boss stole 97% of their profit earned. The boss then ran away when police started their investigation.

There’s some citizens witnessed Kim Jong Kook was once tied and beaten in the subway. From that moment, he decided to learn boxing in order to protect himself. He said that they were actually thankful that they threw chairs at them as they often did things that is much more worse than this. His partner had to get stitches often to cure his wounds.

It was not long after that incident, they were disbanded. Fans eventually requested Turbo for a comeback. Kim Jong Kook then decided to come back but not with his partner (Kim Jung Nam). He’s back with new partner – Mikey.

And here he is, the strong and funny guy in Running Man! Glad that he’s now known and successful with his career.


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