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Kim Jong Kook Profile


Kim Jong Kook

Kim Jong Kook: (born April 25, 1976) is a South Korean singer and TV personality. He was initially part of the Korean duo Turbo, later pursuing a successful career as a solo artist. Apart from being a 3 Daesang Award Winner Singer, he also participates actively in many variety shows including Running Man and Family Outing.

Details: Commander, Sparta(kook). Undeniably the physically strongest  member and most driven to win. He’s also probably the smartest, most clever and observant with uncanny powers of deduction. But if he can’t win by strength, he’s willing to resort to cowardly or weaselly tactics to re-gain an advantage (questionable character, but being of an older generation, he’s more observant of and sensitive to Korean cultural etiquette, and has shown himself to be very magnanimous as well). Other nicknames I would suggest are Detective Kook, Bully Jong Kook and Anger Management Jong Kook. Early on he was often allied with Haha and Gary who he called his “dongsaengs” (little brothers), but the dongsaeng relationship only lasted with Haha.
Korean Name : 金鐘國
English Name : Kim Jong Kook
Revised RomanizationGim Jong-guk
McCune ReischauerKim Chong’guk
Pseudonym (Nickname)The Commander, Sparta Kook, Trainer Kook, Kim Kook Jong, Mosquito Sound, Bear, Jong Kookie, Tiger, Kookminator (episode 137)
Date of Birth25 April 1976
Blood Type : A
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 76 kg
Religion : Buddhism
Family : Parents, 1 Older Brother, Kim Jong Kook
Status : Single
Education : Myeong Hak Elementary School,Shin Seong Middle and High School,Han Se University, Dan Kook University Postgraduate
Hobbies : Sports (Weights, Soccer, Boxing), Soccer Game
Occupation : Singer
Start active : 1995 (1st album “Turbo” – “280 km/h speed”)
TV Program Related :

  • 2012: Escaping Crisis No.1
  • 2010-Present: SBS Running Man
  • 2011: KBS 2TV ‘Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketch Book’ [110715]
  • 2010: KBS2 Star Golden Bell [100312]
  • 2010: Happy Together [100211]
  • 2010: Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate [100206] & [101010]
  • 2010: KBS2 Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook [100129]
  • 2008-2010: SBS Family Outing
  • 2008: MBC Golden Fishery [081203]
  • 2008: KBS2 Star Golden Bell [081202]
  • 2008: Happy Together [081106]
  • 2008: KBS2TV Immortal Musical Classics [080907]
  • 2008: Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate [080903]
  • 2005-2006: KBS’s 슟돌이 Shootdori (coach)
  • 2005-2006: SBS Real Situation Saturday Love Letter
  • 2005: Old Miss Diary (special appearance)
  • 2004-2006: SBS X-Man
  • 2004-2006: KBS Happy Sunday
  • 2004: SBS’s Banjun Drama, (special appearance)
  • 2004: MBC’s Special TV Story
  • 2002: Star Survival
  • 2001-2003: KBS Dream Team
Movie :

  • 2012: Wonderful Radio

Solo Albums :

  • 2001: Renaissance [Release 011213]
  • 2004: Evolution [Release 040618]
  • 2005: This is me [Release 050601]
  • 2006: Kim Jong Kook’s Fourth Letter [Release 060413]
  • 2008: Here I am [Release 081022]
  • 2010: Eleventh Story [Release 100127]
  • 2010: Kim Jong Kook Remake Album ‘Song’ [Release 100909]
Group Albums : Turbo
  • 1995: 280 km/h speed [Release 950906]
  • 1996: New sensation [Release 960814]
  • 1996: X-mas dance party mix with Turbo [Release 961129]
  • 1997: Turbo summer remix [Release 970624]
  • 1997: Born again [Release 971022]
  • 1998: Perfect love [Release 981017]
  • 1999: Millennium Turbo Dance Megamix [Release 990715]
  • 2000: E-mail my heart [Release 000127]
  • 2001: History [Release 010619]


Awards :

  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards)
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards)
  • MBC 가요대전 (MBC Music Awards)
  • 서울가요대상 (Seoul Music Awards)


  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 본상
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards) 본상
  • MBC 10대 가수가요제 (MBC Best 10 Music Awards) 본상
  • 서울가요대상 (Seoul Music Awards) 본상
  • 골든디스크 인기가수상 (Golden Disk Popularity Awards)


  • MBC 가요대제전 (MBC Music Awards) 최고인기가수상 (Most Popular)
  • KBS 가요대상 (KBS Music Awards) 대상 (Best Artist)
  • SBS 가요대전 (SBS Music Awards) 대상 (Best Artist)
  • KBS 연예대상 (KBS Acting Awards) Best Entertainer
  • 골든디스크 (Golden Disk Awards) 본상
  • MNET Best Male Solo Artist
  • Korean Entertainer Awards Ballad Award


  • 골든디스크 (Golden Disk Awards) 본상
  • BBF Popular Singer Award
  • 서울가요대상 (Seoul Music Awards) 본상
  • SBS 연예대상 (SBS Entertainment Awards) Best TV Star Award
  • SBS 연예대상 (SBS Entertainment Awards) Excellence Award
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