8 Aug 13

Running Man Episode 159


 On Air : 18th August 2013

Location :  Gyeonggido Yangju Illumination Muzeum and other places in South Korea

Guests: Jo Jung-Chi, Jung-In, Kim Kwang Kyu, Sa Yu Ri and Kim Ye Rim

Jo Jung-Chi & Jung-In Will Be The Special Guests in Running Man Episode 159

Kim Kwang Kyu, and Kim Ye Rim.

Jo Jung-Chi & Jung-In couple
On Air : 18th August 2013

Guest: Jo Jung-Chi, Jung-In, Kim Kwang Kyu, Sa Yu Ri and Kim Ye Rim

Main : Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Kang Gary, Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo

Brief details about the guests;

Jo Jung Chi and Jung In will be taking their variety skills to the popular Sunday variety, ‘Running Man’!

Broadcast insiders revealed, ”Jo Jung Chi and Jung In will film SBS’ ‘Running Man’ today,” and also mentioned that the filming will take place in Gyeonggido.

The couple have been bringing laughs on ‘We Got Married’, but viewers are excited to see how they’ll do with their upcoming appearance on a variety show of a different nature and whether their teamwork as an 11-year couple will shine through.

Long-time lovers Jung In and Jo Jung Chi will appear in SBS’ entertainment program ‘Good Sunday – Running Man.’

On a phone interview, the couple revealed, ‘Today we are both going to be filming for ‘Running Man.”

The pair are currently starring in MBC’s  season 4 of ‘We Got Married,’ and are raising interest among fans by starring in ‘Running Man’ as well.

Jung In and Jo Jung Chi have been dating for the past eleven years. They piqued interest when they revealed on ‘We Got Married’ that they want to get married in the coming year.

You can look forward to seeing how well they get along on ‘Running Man’ not only with each other but with the other cast members as well.

Jung In (Hangul: 최정인; born December 7, 1980) is a South Korean singer of Jungle Entertainment. She debuted in Leessang’s “Rush” and was once part of the five-member group G.Fla until disbanding after three years. Her first album From Andromeda since debuting was released on March 11, 2010. On April 5, she released Melody Remedy.  She is from swimming player.

She debuted in a collaboration with Leessang for the song “Rush”. She would later join the 5 member R&B group, G.Fla, consisting of herself, Geol, Jung Soo Young, Jung Hee Young and Kim Ji-in. In 2004, G.Fla released their first album Groove Flamingo on September 16. Their last album together, 음악하는 여자, was released on September 5 of 2007.

Kim Kwang Kyu was born in 1967 and he is an actor. His height is around 167 cm and his blood type is A

Kim Ye-Rim is a member of K-pop group “Two months”. Two months took part in Mnet’s musical program “Superstar K3″ and finished in third place.


Guest’s Experience on Running Man :
Jo Jung-Chi : 1st time – New Guest

Jung-In : 1st time – New Guest

Kim Ye-Rim: 1st time – New Guest

Kim Kwang Kyu: 3rd time : Previous in Episode 15 and 32


Source – allkpop,naver and kpopstarz

Here are some photos for Running Man Episode 159 featuring Jo Jung-Chi & Jung-In

Running Man 159 - 1

Running Man 159 - 2

Running Man 159 - 3


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