9 Oct 13

Infinity Challenge Episode 349


 On Air : 28th September 2013

Guests : G-Dragon, BoA, Yoo Hee Yeol etc

infinity challenge episode 349 eng sub raw

On Air : 28th September 2013

Main : Yoo Jae Suk (유재석),Park Myung Soo (박명수),Jung Jun Ha (정준하),Jung Hyung Don (정형돋),Noh Hong Chul (노홍철),Gil (길) – 길성준 (Gil Sung Joon),Ha Ha (하하) – 하동훈 (Ha Dong Hoon)

Brief Details about Infinity Challenge:

Infinite Challenge (a.k.a. Muhan Dojeon; Hangul: 무한도전; Hanja: 無限挑戰; abbreviated as 무도 Mudo) is a Korean television entertainment program, distributed and syndicated by MBC. As of January 2013, it still has the largest market share for its timeslot; roughly between 13 to 17 percent of Korean television viewers watch Infinite Challenge at 6:30 PM every Saturday night. This makes it the top free-to-air television program on Saturday evening, and also the most viewed non-drama program in South Korea every week (excluding special sporting events, since November 2006, with the exception of January 2009, April and May 2010) It has kept the same scheduled time, since first airing in 2005. Since 2009, it lasts for roughly 75 minutes, excluding ten minutes of advertising. Episodes are also frequently rerun on several Korean cable broadcasting channels.Since February 19, 2011 (episode 237), the program has been aired in High Definition (HD).


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Watch Infinity Challenge RAW Episode 349 below


Part 1

Part 2

[RAW] Infinity Challenge Ep 349 Part 1

[RAW] Infinity Challenge Ep 349 Part 2

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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